Everything is generally made to order. I keep very little in stock. I place orders for shirts on Sundays. If enough orders are placed, I place a second order during the week. Orders can take some time. Depending on the number of orders placed at any given time, as well as what has been ordered, it could take as long as 2-3 weeks. Plushies take the longest to make, mugs, mouse pads, and printed shirts take the least. If you need something rushed, please let me know. The fastest way to reach me is to send an email to sarahschnittger@gmail.com.

UPDATE 08/09/2017

- All items will be listed as 'out of stock'. This will be the equivalent of the store being temporarily shut down. I have a few reasons for doing this, one of which being to make the transition from making everything to order to keeping things in stock. It's way too easy to get swamped to the point that orders take an unreasonable amount of time to make and process. I'm not sure when I will reopen, but it will hopefully be by the end of November. Any orders that are open once the store is shut down will be fulfilled as quickly as I can manage.

-Plushies may be temporarily discontinued. I haven't decided exactly which route I want to go with them. I may try to keep a small number in stock, or I may decide to do a larger yearly stocking of plushies. They are my most time consuming product, and to be frank, I have grown to dislike making them.

- If, during the time that the store is shut down, you really need something made, I will probably be willing to take a small number of custom orders. If you want something, please feel free to message the Anarchyball Merchandise page on facebook and ask.